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With years of service in the Medical and Health Care industries, Executive Answering Service has significant experience servicing Medical Equipment providers. Many patients depend on the rapid delivery and maintenance of their medical equipment to keep them alive. This makes it essential to have a seamless communication between patient and provider. Even one missed call can mean serious problems. Let Executive Answering Service be your weekend, after-hours, or 24/7 telephone operators by providing outstanding service to your clients.

Executive Answering Service receptionists will handle all of your calls quickly and effectively. We value and protect your relationship with referral sources such as hospitals, physicians and Hospice and Home Health Care Providers. With our very close rapport with Hospice and Home Health providers, we understand the unique challenges for your patient. Along with 24/7 answering service support for equipment issues, we will take messages for oxygen refills, equipment repair requests, correctly transcribe questions, take new equipment orders and then promptly direct these messages to the appropriate technician or respiratory therapist.

In addition to taking your patient's support calls, Executive Answering Service operators are also skilled in taking sales type calls for medical equipment providers. We will secure sales inquiries from new customers, possibly being released from the hospital. These types of calls may include:

  • Newborn needing a biliblanket
  • Pediatrician prescribes nebulizer treatment to a toddler with asthma
  • Orthopedist prescribing walker for post hip replacement surgery
  • Patient with emphysema requiring oxygen treatment
  • Patient needing Infusion therapy

Executive Answering Service provides prompt, personal service that your clients and referral sources deserve, while freeing your technicians and respiratory therapists from time consuming conversations. If you are looking for an experienced and professional answering service, look no further. Get started with Executive Answering Service today!