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The funeral service industry is one that requires the highest respect, compassion and urgency. Funeral home directors can expect the same from Executive Answering Service. Our professional and courteous receptionists have been specially trained to speak with people in the time of mourning following a loved one’s passing. The grief, emotional stress and vulnerability of your clients are treated with sensitivity and empathy at our 24/7 answering service. Whether answering questions about advanced arrangements or responding to promptly needed products and services, our operators provide compassionate and understanding customer care.

Together we will develop a script for Executive Answering Service receptionists to follow when answering calls for your business. Tailored with your funeral home, mortician service or cemetery business in mind, our answering service responds to calls for your business at any time of day, capturing new sales as they come in, contacting grief counselors on behalf of the families in need or providing callers with directions or contact information for flowers and cemetery services. If you need to be informed, Executive Answering Service receptionists deliver the message to you in a prompt and flexible fashion. Whether you want to be notified by email, fax, text message, agent dispatch, voicemail or live operator, you will get your messages in the way and the time you choose.

Because Executive Answering Service uses the latest communications technology, we ensure that your business and staff will benefit from the most efficient and immediate message delivery service available. Our receptionists can provide your clients a seamless integration into your company’s services and callers will never know that our agents aren't sitting feet away from you in your office.

We know that as your telephone answering service, we represent your business, so we take great care in maintaining your reputation and continuing your delicate tradition of dignity and peace of mind. While your staff is handling a service, spending time with a family, or giving their time and services to deserving clients, rest assured that your calls are being handled by compassionate Executive Answering Service receptionists. It’s this commitment to caring professionalism that will compliment your business and maintain positive referrals from pleased clients, nursing homes, hospitals and hospices.

If you’re looking for an answering service that provides after-hours, overflow or remote reception support, Executive Answering Service’s courteous and specially trained operators are ready to help you.