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Emergencies happen, anytime, anywhere.  But doesn’t it seem that they usually pop up after the sun goes down?  With Executive Answering Service’s skilled and trained operators, available 24/7, we can provide service to your customer when ever the need arises.  Whether you provide electricity, gas, sewer, water, cable or internet, Executive Answering Service can screen your calls, dispatch emergency calls, gather information from potential callers and most importantly answer your calls 24/7.

Our operators have a clear grasp on the dependency your customers have on utility services.  There are two main call types within utility services; urgent and non-urgent calls.  With over 35 years experience, Executive Answering Service has the knowledge and scripting to assist our customers in filtering those calls.  We understand the importance of accurate messaging, dispatching those messages to the appropriate on-call resource and escalation.  A few examples of those call types are:

Non-emergency calls:

  • Hours of operation
  • Billing inquiries
  • Holiday exceptions

Emergency calls:

  • Gas leaks * Road Infrastructure
  • Pipes bursting * Traffic signal outages
  • Toxic environmental risks * Road sign requirements
  • Power Outages * Building Management emergencies
  • Cable/Data service outages

How important is a new customer to your business?  Let Executive Answering Service ensure every one of your calls is efficiently answered, while you manage and grow your business.  In addition to after hours emergency calls, Executive Answering Service can also answer all of your company’s calls during the work day.  Not only will our operators get information from your potential new clients, but they also provide excellent customer service for your current customers.  Executive Answering Service has several quick and easy message delivery options, depending on your preferences: text message, seemless call patching, email, pager, fax and phone delivery.

If you are looking for a 24/7 professional live answering service, Executive Answering Service is your answer!