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Please contact us for information regarding our various price plans. We will assist you in finding the best plan to fit your business needs. All plans are billed by call and now include free delivery of messages via fax or email. Our monthly plans start at only $40 per bill period to get a fully trained professional local-based telephone receptionist.

We can save you money....

Executive Answering Service can save your company thousands of dollars each bill period on payroll costs alone. Compared to hiring a full-time in-house telephone receptionist for $8-$14 per hour, your business will save between $14,464-$28,192 by using Executive Answering Service receptionists. When you add the costs of recruiting, facilities, equipment, raises, and benefits, our value is hard to beat.


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Would you like to discuss how Executive Answering Service can help you grow your business? Please call for more information.