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Extend your dentist office so your patients receive world class service no matter when they call. Executive Answering Service specializes in providing 24/7 answering services to dental and medical offices. Our experienced telephone receptionists know exactly how to respond to medical related calls and follow a script based on the needs of your particular dental office.

Don’t let any of your potential clients or existing patients calls go to a voicemail. Executive Answering Service receptionists can assist your callers during after hours, lunch, weekends and holidays, or whenever you cannot. Our receptionists can help your patients by scheduling, canceling and confirming appointments, providing answers to frequently asked questions and giving directions to your location. If you prefer, we can simply take messages from callers as well.

Executive Answering Service offers a multitude of ways for you to receive your messages. As soon as the message is taken, Executive Answering Service receptionists can text message, page, email, fax or phone-in the message to your office. If the caller has an emergency, our telephone receptionists can seamlessly patch/dispatch calls directly to your on-call doctor who can be connected with the caller immediately.

With Executive Answering Service, your patient’s calls will be handled promptly and professionally. If you have a post-op patient that is in pain or has questions, having a live voice answer the phone when they call will reassure them that they are in good hands.

If you are looking for the optimum way to respond live 24/7 to patients without adding staff, Executive Answering Service is your answer. Request a quote today!

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The funeral service industry is one that requires the highest respect, compassion and urgency. Funeral home directors can expect the same from Executive Answering Service. Our professional and courteous receptionists have been specially trained to speak with people in the time of mourning following a loved one’s passing. The grief, emotional stress and vulnerability of your clients are treated with sensitivity and empathy at our 24/7 answering service. Whether answering questions about advanced arrangements or responding to promptly needed products and services, our operators provide compassionate and understanding customer care.

Together we will develop a script for Executive Answering Service receptionists to follow when answering calls for your business. Tailored with your funeral home, mortician service or cemetery business in mind, our answering service responds to calls for your business at any time of day, capturing new sales as they come in, contacting grief counselors on behalf of the families in need or providing callers with directions or contact information for flowers and cemetery services. If you need to be informed, Executive Answering Service receptionists deliver the message to you in a prompt and flexible fashion. Whether you want to be notified by email, fax, text message, agent dispatch, voicemail or live operator, you will get your messages in the way and the time you choose.

Because Executive Answering Service uses the latest communications technology, we ensure that your business and staff will benefit from the most efficient and immediate message delivery service available. Our receptionists can provide your clients a seamless integration into your company’s services and callers will never know that our agents aren’t sitting feet away from you in your office.

We know that as your telephone answering service, we represent your business, so we take great care in maintaining your reputation and continuing your delicate tradition of dignity and peace of mind. While your staff is handling a service, spending time with a family, or giving their time and services to deserving clients, rest assured that your calls are being handled by compassionate Executive Answering Service receptionists. It’s this commitment to caring professionalism that will compliment your business and maintain positive referrals from pleased clients, nursing homes, hospitals and hospices.

If you’re looking for an answering service that provides after-hours, overflow or remote reception support, Executive Answering Service’s courteous and specially trained operators are ready to help you.

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Whether you’re a Local, State, or Federal Government Agency, streamlining your communications systems is critical to your success. Executive Answering Service provides 24/7 professional and award winning Government Agency call handling and customer service.

Executive Answering Service has an extensive track record working with Government Entities. This Government based work has been established and grown through direct contract and referral basis. Executive Answering Service provides services to Government Housing authorities for maintenance emergencies. These services can include, but are not limited to, support for:

Utilities (water, electric, etc.)
Traffic signals and road signs
IT and Infrastructure
Road Infrastructure (snow plowing)
Building Management

Executive Answering Service can also offer Government Agencies a voicemail feature. Saving your agency time and money, the voicemail will give your callers a recorded message, transferring priority calls to a live Executive Answering Service receptionist and all other calls to voicemail. Executive Answering Service will prove to be a more efficient use of human and monetary resources.

Executive Answering Service has extensive experience providing services to Federal, State and Local Governments, along with its agencies and various entities. Simplify your systems management by eliminating lost calls and ineffective connections. Get started with Executive Answering Service today!

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Families looking for or utilizing home health or hospice care for their loved one deserve the utmost respect and sensitivity. Home healthcare and hospice centers provide an invaluable service to patients during times of great need. Executive Answering Service offers compassionate and understanding message and telephone answering services for home healthcare and hospice care organizations. With years of experience working with this industry, our operators act as a calming and sympathetic voice for patients and family members, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Executive Answering Service operators have specific home healthcare & hospice training, in addition to being HIPAA trained and compliant.

A vital part of the round-the-clock care provided by home health and hospice, Executive Answering Service’s 24/7 inbound call center services act as a critical liaison between patients, families, and care providers. The compassionate and professional telephone operators accurately collect information for immediate dispatch to the proper urgent care facility, nurse, care giver, or scheduler.

Executive Answering Service operators are aware of the diverse needs of hospice and home healthcare services and are attentive to the privacy and sensitivity concerns of patients. We understand the range of care provided by home health and hospice services, from life assistance, to wound care and pain management, to alleviating the pain or discomfort of those who wish to stay in their home as they live out their final days surrounded by family and loved ones.

Executive Answering Service offers a variety of services that include message delivery services, including live operator, voicemail, text message, fax, and email. Available for after-hours, over-flow, and daytime call coverage, our agents take calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week, holidays included. Plus, our operators can use a script, developed together with your patients in mind, to direct the different types of calls coming into your office. This means no calls will be missed and no health emergencies will go unattended.

With Executive Answering Service 24 hour service, nurses, care givers, and administrators will appreciate our professional receptionist delivering messages quickly and efficiently. Patients nearing the end of their days, patients who are being treated from their homes, and patients who need regular but light assistance at home will all appreciate the ease with which they can reach their home healthcare or hospice facility and the kind voice that greets them when they call.

For an answering service that understands the gentle and compassionate nature of hospice and home health care service and is capable of providing speedy and effective communication and message delivery, sign up with Executive Answering Service.

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Law practices are high demand and require significant resources. Outsourcing can be an excellent solution to your telephone and reception needs, making your business more effective and efficient. Answering calls, taking, and delivering messages, Executive Answering Service can handle all of your practice’s incoming telephone traffic. Practices can be assured that Executive Answering Service’s well-trained operators will speak with all callers and clients in a helpful and professional manner that represents you. With Executive Answering Service you can rest assured knowing your practice has a high-quality solution with the added benefit of cost savings.

Executive Answering Service can act as a 24/7 telephone receptionist for the practice or simply provide daytime overflow support for the primary receptionist. Executive Answering Service helps your law practice be more productive, eliminating the need to find phone coverage when a receptionist goes to lunch or is out for the day. Our answering service is the answer to all of your needs. Executive Answering Service operators follow your script to answer and direct calls according to your protocol.

All these services are provided at a savings to your business. Save money by paying for call traffic on a usage basis rather than by work time. And there’s no need to manage us or pay benefits. With Executive Answering Service being a full-service, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, we can secure potential customers and no opportunities are missed.

Reflecting high standards and practices of your attorneys, Executive Answering Service operators assist your callers and clients courteously and professionally. In addition, using Executive Answering Service’s operators will help your business be more productive and efficient. If you’re looking for an experienced answering service to streamline your practices telephone and message delivery system, Executive Answering Service is your answer.

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With years of service in the Medical and Health Care industries, Executive Answering Service has significant experience servicing Medical Equipment providers. Many patients depend on the rapid delivery and maintenance of their medical equipment to keep them alive. This makes it essential to have a seamless communication between patient and provider. Even one missed call can mean serious problems. Let Executive Answering Service be your weekend, after-hours, or 24/7 telephone operators by providing outstanding service to your clients.

Executive Answering Service receptionists will handle all of your calls quickly and effectively. We value and protect your relationship with referral sources such as hospitals, physicians and Hospice and Home Health Care Providers. With our very close rapport with Hospice and Home Health providers, we understand the unique challenges for your patient. Along with 24/7 answering service support for equipment issues, we will take messages for oxygen refills, equipment repair requests, correctly transcribe questions, take new equipment orders and then promptly direct these messages to the appropriate technician or respiratory therapist.

In addition to taking your patient’s support calls, Executive Answering Service operators are also skilled in taking sales type calls for medical equipment providers. We will secure sales inquiries from new customers, possibly being released from the hospital. These types of calls may include:

Newborn needing a biliblanket
Pediatrician prescribes nebulizer treatment to a toddler with asthma
Orthopedist prescribing walker for post hip replacement surgery
Patient with emphysema requiring oxygen treatment
Patient needing Infusion therapy

Executive Answering Service provides prompt, personal service that your clients and referral sources deserve, while freeing your technicians and respiratory therapists from time consuming conversations. If you are looking for an experienced and professional answering service, look no further. Get started with Executive Answering Service today!

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While you take care of your patient’s most valuable resource – their health – we’ll be doing our part to take care of the health of your practice. Our answering service is completely confidential and secure. If requested, patients calling your office will never know that our receptionists aren’t feet away from you and the rest of your team.

Executive Answering Service telephone operators are HIPAA trained and compliant. The telephone receptionist will screen calls, from medical emergencies to referrals, refills and appointment calls. Non-urgent messages can be obtained by Executive Answering Service receptionists while medical emergencies are dispatched immediately to the correct on-call professional.

Along with a friendly and confident staff that is available 24/7, we at Executive Answering Service proudly set ourselves apart from other answering services with our knowledge of the focus and needs of specific medical fields. We are able to offer the quality of service that is aligned with your reputation, the communication technology your physicians require, and a competitive price plan.

Our account managers work with your office manager or doctor to establish very detailed on-call routing and scripting for both routine calls and emergency situations. This allows us to be as thorough with your callers as possible, while only interrupting your doctors when necessary. Executive Answering Service operators can relay any detailed instructions you prefer, such as telling the patient to call back during office hours, taking a message that the office with receive first thing in the morning, referring the patient to the hospital or to call 911, and putting the caller on hold while we seamlessly patch them to the on-call provider/physician. Providing 24/7 answering service, we can even patch calls through to you during office hours, lunchtime, or when we are answering your overflow traffic. We can deliver messages via fax, text message, phone, and/or email.

In medical/healthcare, people obviously care about being able to reach a professional at any time of day. Medical emergencies don’t wait for office hours and your clients want to be able to reach you when they need you. Our 24/7 answering service allows you to keep your office hours while being alerted to emergencies as they arise.

If you’re looking for an answering service that is professional, knowledgeable and sensitive to the needs of your patients, Executive Answering Service is right for you.

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Executive Answering Service can provide you with a new virtual and unlimited staff – available 24/7. We can serve as an extension of your property’s office when you need us the most, during the busy times of the day, as well as before and after office hours, without the cost of additional on-site staff. Our success is measured by the additional rental revenue, high quality customer service, and reduced operating expenses that we deliver to your business.

Whether you manage two or two hundred properties, we are aware of how time consuming property management can be. When you have a property available for rent and are sorting through prospective applicants and showing properties your work doubles. Let us help you!

We have operators available 24/7 to be a friendly telephone receptionist when you cannot, whether you are showing an apartment, out to lunch, on the phone or enjoying treasured personal time with your family. Most clients prefer to forward their phone line directly to our operators when they are out or unable to answer. A pleasant voice will always answer with your company name, or any phrase that you prefer. Based upon your requests, our operators can connect your client directly to you in case of emergency when minutes truly count, send a text message, fax or email, or hold messages for retrieval at your convenience.

Often tenants call at various hours of the night regarding rental payments, apartment availability and other issues that can be addressed during your scheduled office hours. We can take a message and hold it for your office. We will work with you to determine what situations you consider urgent and reach your on call property manager, on call maintenance or you right away per your instructions. Whether the call is regarding heating/air issues, plumbing situations, snow removal, lock outs, noise complaint, or a request for property availability, our operators understand that every single call is of the utmost importance!

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We understand how important it is for your clients to reach you in case of an emergency. Whether you provide plumbing, heating, towing, water/fire restoration, electrical, snow removal, landscaping, refuse, information technology or any other type of service, your client is our number one priority. Your success is ours as well!

We understand it takes years for you to earn your clients but only seconds to lose one! Whether you have two or two hundred employees, your company’s growth depends upon the customer service you provide. Our operators are specifically trained with that thought in mind. We have operators available 24/7 to be a friendly telephone receptionist when you cannot, whether you are with another customer, out to lunch, on the phone or enjoying treasured personal time with your family. Based upon your requests, our operators can connect your client directly to you in case of emergency when minutes truly count, send a text message, fax or email, or hold messages for retrieval at your convenience.

We understand that when a potential client calls your company with an emergency but receives a voicemail, often they will hang up and call the next business listed in the phone book. Our operators are always here to make certain every caller gets to hear a live voice that cares. Every single call is of the utmost importance! Most clients prefer to forward the office phone line directly to our operators. A pleasant voice will always answer with your company name, or any phrase that you prefer, just as if we were in your office. We want to help your business grow.

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Are you ready to reduce the overhead expense of an on site receptionist? We have operators available 24/7 to be a friendly telephone receptionist when you cannot, whether you are out to lunch, on the phone, with a client or enjoying treasured personal time with your friends/family. Many clients prefer to forward their phone line directly to our operators when they are out or unable to answer.

A pleasant voice will always answer with your company name, or phrase that you prefer. Based upon your requests, our operators can seamlessly connect your client directly to you in case of emergency when minutes truly count, send a text message, fax or email, or hold messages for retrieval at your convenience.

Executive Answering Service can save your company thousands of dollars each bill period on payroll costs alone. Compared to hiring a full-time in-house telephone receptionist for $8-12 per hour, your business will save between $14,463.96-$28,191.96 by using Executive Answering Service receptionists. When you add the costs of recruiting, facilities, equipment, raises, and benefits, our value is hard to beat. Our monthly plans start at only $40 per bill period for a fully trained professional Lincoln based telephone receptionist.

Look at the pricing here.

Would you like to discuss how Executive Answering Service can help you grow your business? Please call for more information.

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Emergencies happen, anytime, anywhere. But doesn’t it seem that they usually pop up after the sun goes down? With Executive Answering Service’s skilled and trained operators, available 24/7, we can provide service to your customer when ever the need arises. Whether you provide electricity, gas, sewer, water, cable or internet, Executive Answering Service can screen your calls, dispatch emergency calls, gather information from potential callers and most importantly answer your calls 24/7.

Our operators have a clear grasp on the dependency your customers have on utility services. There are two main call types within utility services; urgent and non-urgent calls. With over 35 years experience, Executive Answering Service has the knowledge and scripting to assist our customers in filtering those calls. We understand the importance of accurate messaging, dispatching those messages to the appropriate on-call resource and escalation. A few examples of those call types are:

Non-emergency calls:

Hours of operation
Billing inquiries
Holiday exceptions

Emergency calls:

Gas leaks * Road Infrastructure
Pipes bursting * Traffic signal outages
Toxic environmental risks * Road sign requirements
Power Outages * Building Management emergencies
Cable/Data service outages

How important is a new customer to your business? Let Executive Answering Service ensure every one of your calls is efficiently answered, while you manage and grow your business. In addition to after hours emergency calls, Executive Answering Service can also answer all of your company’s calls during the work day. Not only will our operators get information from your potential new clients, but they also provide excellent customer service for your current customers. Executive Answering Service has several quick and easy message delivery options, depending on your preferences: text message, seemless call patching, email, pager, fax and phone delivery.

If you are looking for a 24/7 professional live answering service, Executive Answering Service is your answer!

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Executive Answering Service has been providing comprehensive telephone answering service to the Veterinary industry for over 35 years. Whether you are an individual Veterinary practice or a large practice facilitating multiple Veternarians, Executive Answering Service can provide you with a specialized professional customer service solution. Executive Answering Service can be utilized for call overflow, after hours, weekend, and holiday coverage, 24/7 call answering, and dispatching. Your calls will be handled promptly, politely, and accurately by Executive Answering Service experienced operators.

We are the voice of your office when you’re not there. Don’t let your potential new customers go to a voicemail. Your non-emergency calls must be handled professionally and in a friendly way. Executive Answering Service operators can answer your caller’s simple questions, such as your hours of operation, directions to your office, and any other frequently asked questions you choose.

Executive Answering Service’s professionally trained operators will screen emergency calls from current and potential customers and contact you quickly in the manner that works best for you. We can call the on-call Veterinarian and seamlessly patch, text, email, fax or page messages. We not only save you time, but also meet the needs of your customers in a prompt, professional manner, using scripts we develop with you. Our operators are trained to follow the customized call handling procedures you establish, resulting in reliable and efficient call screening and urgent message delivery.

Executive Answering Service diligently serves veterinary practices that specialize in small and large, domestic, exotic, livestock, equine and other types of animals. Our caring and compassionate telephone operators understand the relationship between pet owners and their pets. When an emergency happens, their Veterinarian becomes an even more vital part of that relationship. Our care and professionalism ensure your patients and prospects feel comfortable entrusting their beloved animals to you.